Portfolio Companies by Industry




Acquired AlphaStar Television Network, Inc. One of the original four DTH (Direct to home) television broadcasting companies (including Direct TV, EchoStar, PrimeStar and AlphaStar.)

The facility has seen been converted to a Tier 4 Datacenter to serve Enterprise clients in the Financial Services sector as well as satellite internet connectivity for disaster recovery in Connecticut and in New York City.

Currently, the facility is 20,000 sqft with expansion to 160,000 sqft for data center & disaster recovery applications.

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In partnership with the National Bank of Egypt, Champion Holding Company created the National Cotton Company which specializes in ginning and the global trading of long stable cotton.  The company market share approached 18% of the entire Egyptian cotton crop valued at one quarter of a billion dollars,  with the control of 17 cotton gins and 5000 employees. 



Champion Textile Company, a partnership specialized in importing to the USA yarn manufactured from long stable cotton. The company leased manufacturing capacity equal to the sixth largest spinning company in Egypt.



Champion Holding Company acquired two US-based eye-wear manufacturing and marketing companies.  Among them was the oldest eye-wear manufacturer in the United States, Martin Copeland.  

Champion Holding Company Also founded Optica, an eye-wear manufacturing company in partnership with MENRAD, the largest German company in the field to create a global distribution network.

Champion Holding Company Acquired Chase Packaging, Inc. a 150 year old flexible packaging company that specializes in the manufacturing of photographic and caustic packaging.  The 170,000 SF manufacturing facility is located in Virginia.



Founded Champion Oil Company, a wholesale home heating oil distribution company. Champion Holding Company Acquired Chevron's entire northeast home heating retail division.  

With subsequent acquisitions and growth, Champion Oil become the third largest home heating oil distribution company in the USA.


Edible Oil

Founded and acquired four edible oil processing and distribution companies including Sila (processing Soybean seeds), Champion Foods, ENVOCO and Champion Protein (processing Cotton seeds).

Market share approached 40% of the entire edible oils processed in Egypt, with some exports to the Middle-East.


Real Estate & COworking

Investor in Projective Space, an industry leading coworking brand and incubator of high-growth Venture Capital funded ventures. Projective Space has multiple locations throughout NYC and is currently expanding to new locations in major markets and building partnerships with top brands. 

Projective Space current and alumni incubator members consist of influential startups such as Uber, Stripe, Buffer, InstaCart, IndieGogo, Postmates, and Beast. These influential startups have gone on to raise between $20M-$150M+ in Venture Capital funding, many of which hitting "Unicorn status."